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·   Released: Software Version 6

  1. optional support of local SQL databases (MS-SQL and MySQL, maybe SQ-Lite in Future)
    -supports more than 255 columns in datatables
    - no file size limit
  2. CAN/OSI interface much improved:
    - update-rate increased by a factor of 500 (down to 2ms possible)
    -CAN transmit rate down to 1ms possible
    - save reaction on missing CAN messages
    - autoincrement and autodecrement fields for CAN transmit
    - CRC field calculation for CAN transmit
    - OSI drivers can show messages
    - variables always addressed by name (adressing by index no longer necessary)
  3. Calculate/Calconce commands much improved:
    - automatic scaling of variables (Unit handling no longer necessary)
    - supports float values now
    - All variables can be used (from CMU, OSI, CAN, BSD, Globals, ...) included by their name

· RPS Voltage available up to 1400V (7 /2013)

· ISO 9001:2008 certified since 4 / 2013

· Specifications of all systems upgraded

· XCTS with parallel option presented

· Digital-IO available for CTS

· Gamry Interface1000 and Reference 3000 available, potentiostatic operation available

· RPS second voltage range available

· XCTS presented

· BCT750 presented

· SSMS presented

· BSD presented

· CMU presented

· BCT750 presented

·  We are moved to a new building (20.05.2010)
We are moved to our new building in Asselfingen, south Germany. We are now close to Ulm and the cross-point of the highways A 8 and A7.